How to utilize OBMM.

This page updated on May 29 2017 CST

Readme Generator

This tool will help you generate a standardized readme file for your mod (or somebody else's mod if they didn't include one).

You pick the options and I will generate the sections and give hints, pre-canned instructions and examples. Here are some examples of what this generator cranks out: SaveGame, OMOD-Ready archive, OMOD, Normal archive, esp only.

If you would like to see something added or would like to suggest wording changes, please let me know through the feedback page or the release forum.

Step 1 of 3 - Pick Templates

Pick which type of file this is:

- OMOD-Ready (RECOMMENDED - an archive that is a converted OMOD)
- OMOD (a proprietary file that requires Oblivion Mod Manager)
- Normal Archive (.7z, .zip, .rar which is not in OMOD-Ready format)
- .esp (a single, uncompressed file)
- Saved Game (.ess file)

Disable sections that do not apply to this mod (some are required)

- Title of Mod
- Version
- Date Released
- Category
- Requirements
- Author(s)
- Source for Download
- Forum
- Homepage

- Description
- Location of Items In Game
- Details
- Install
- Uninstall
- Upgrade
- Incompatibility with other mods (Known or Possible)
- Known Issues or Bugs
- History
- Contact
- Credits
- Tools used to create the mod