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Mods for B18

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Prerequisite Mods

These are "core" mods that are used by other mods. Only install if you use mods requiring them.
Must-Have Mods

These are mods I will typically use on every new savegame. They are listed in order of most necessary 1st
Interesting Mods
  • Simple Barricade
    - Adds Simple Barricades made of any material into the base game. Barricades have to be broken down and cannot be passed over top of but can be shot over
  • Mechalit: Core B18
    - This mod is the core mod, first and main of the "Mechalite" mod series. It adds more diversity to the game by adding new materials, items, buildings and technologies
  • DeCore B18
    - Brings in a lot of changes in game mechanics, so the player has to think differently and use new colony development strategy. The mod makes the game significantly more comfortable to play and some of its aspects - more logical. The mod changes resources, apparel and production.
  • Hardworking animals B18
    - Makes your animals work harder: Animals now haul items and resources a lot more often. Hauling skill now requires 9 levels instead of vanilla 7.
  • Blowguns (Revived)
    - Adds craftable neolithic blowguns, venom from tamed cobras, antivenom from drug lab once medicine is researched
  • Survivalist's Additions
    - Adds new features for primitive and tribal playthroughs.
  • [KV] B18 - ReColor Stockpile & Growing Zones
    - Re-color Stockpile and Growing Zones (duh)
  • Dye Vat
    - Adds a dye vat to dye cloth into 16 bright colors.
  • MiningCo. MiningHelmet
    - Adds the MiningCo. mining helmet which is equipped with a light
  • Heat Map (R: HugsLib)
    - Adds a toggle button to show a live temperature based colour gradient over indoor areas in your base
  • Misc. Training
    - Adds shooting, martial arts and archery training facilities
  • Area Unlocker
    - Removes the (arbitrary) limit to the number of areas you can create
  • Stack Merger
    - Adds a low-priority hauling job that makes your haulers merge stacks in your stockpiles
  • [sd] goodnight
    - Adds several different beds and color is affected by material used
  • [sd] medicaddons
    - Adds various medical facilities to link to your beds
  • [sd] advanced powergeneration
    - Adds advanced variations of windturbine, advanced solar panels, advanced geothermal and advanced nuclear power plants
  • Project Fallout
    - Adds weapons, armor, consumables, creatures, and more from the Fallout seires of video games
  • Stack XXL (R: HugsLib)
    - Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
  • Avoid Friendly Fire (R: HugsLib)
    - Colonists with the option enabled will not take a shot if the projectile's path could hit a friendly or neutral pawn.
  • Better Workbench Management (R: HugsLib)
    - Improves the workbench interface to reduce micromanagement of your production, with filters and copy/paste/link functionality
  • Defensive Positions (R: HugsLib)
    - Allows your colonists to remember their position during base defense
  • Dinosauria
    - Adds 32 species of dinosaurs, all of which spawn in various different biomes
  • Misc. Weapon Repair
    - Repair your weapon using spare parts from other weapon of the same kind and equal or worse quality.
  • More Planning (R: HugsLib)
    - Adds 10 customizable planning designations
  • P-Music
    - Adds 16 new fan made songs
  • RuntimeGC
    - Savegame utility. Reduce overall size of file, make game run smooth like it did at the beginning, reclaim memory, remove corpses, etc.
  • Stuffed Floors (R: Architect Sense)
    - Allows building floors out of stuff (colored overlay)
  • Achtung!
    - Enhances how you control RimWorld and reduces the number of clicks by half. Also allows smart positioning in military line.
  • Camera+
    - Enhances the in-game camera so you can zoom-in much more than usual.
  • Facial Stuff 0.18.0
    - Provides more visual individuality for your colonists.
  • RimFace for Facial Stuff (R: Facial Stuff 0.18.0)
    - Adds completely new high quality faces in Rimworld. Give each colonist an individual appearance!
  • Colonist Bar KF 0.18.0
    - Access the new options menu + sorting, right mouse click on any colonist icon
  • T-45b Power Armor - B18
  • RT's Weapon Pack B18 Temp
  • Living Battery Power [A18] - The Matrix made manifest
  • Giddy-up! Battle Mounts (R: Giddy-up! Core)
    - Ride animals into battle
    - NOTE: I have seen errors crop up with this mod enabled. Need more testing to verify.
  • Giddy-Up! Caravan (R: Giddy-up! Core)
    - Ride animals during travel (faster!)
    - NOTE: I have seen errors crop up with this mod enabled. Need more testing to verify.
  • Mending Beds - Repair clothing / weapons while you sleep
Other Mods to Eventually Try
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