How To Add Objects For Sale

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How To Add Objects For Sale

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to add objects so that vendors will sell them from their inventory.

NOTE: Vendors only sell specific types of items that they were designed to sell. See the list at the bottom for a breakdown analysis as we learn more about them.

  • You have unique objects already created and added to the Construction Set. For this tutorial, we will use weapons and armor as an example.
  • You want to add the objects for sale at a vendors shop. For this tutorial, we will use The Best Defense in the Market District of Imperial City.
NOTE: This tutorial can be substituted for any item for sale at any vendor's shop.

Step 1 - Create Your Container
  1. Open the Construction Set and then your .esp file.
  2. In the Object Window, expand World Objects and select Container. A list of all containers should appear to the right.
  3. Select/Highlight any item in the list and then start typing VendorThe which will jump you down the list to all the vendor chests.
  4. Double-click VendorTheBestDefense and change the following:
    ID: Set to something unique such as your initials + mod initials + VendorTheBestDefense
    Name: ModName Chest
    Object ID: Right-click each item in this list and delete them.
  5. Click OK, then Yes to create a new form.
Step 2 - Add Your Items To The Container
  1. Find your chest and double-click on it. Move the "Container" window (which is your chest) so you can still use the Object Window and see the containers empty list.
  2. Select the Object Window and expand Items and select Weapons. A list of all weapons should appear to the right.
  3. Find your weapon(s) and click-n-drag it to the container's empty list.
  4. Select the Armor folder. A list of all armor should appear to the right.
  5. Find your armor and click-n-drag each piece to the container's list.
  6. Select the Container window and adjust the item counts/quantity as necessary.
  7. If the items for sale should "Respawn" later, place a checkmark beside Respawns.
  8. Click OK to close the Container Window.
Step 3 - Add Container To The Vendor
  1. In the Object Window, expand World Objects and select Container. A list of all containers should appear to the right.
  2. Select/Highlight any item in the list and then start typing VendorThe which will jump you down the list to all the vendor chests.
  3. Right-click on VendorTheBestDefense and select Use Info
  4. The Use Report will show all the places in the game world that the container exists. Double-click the Cell Editor ID called ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefense which will jump you to the chest in the Render Window. Click OK to close the Use Report window.
  5. Select the Render window. This is the part where you need to scroll/move in such a way that nobody else is like to do. Use the Shift-Key + Mouse moves and the Wheel Mouse zooming to position your viewpoint far away from the original chests.
  6. With sufficient rotation and distance away from the chests, you are now going to find your chest and drag-n-drop it onto the Render Window.
  7. Go back to the Object Window under the WorldObjects/Container folder and find your chest. Click-N-Drag your chest to the Render Window.
  8. Your chest (with all your items) should now appear in the Render Window. Double-click on the chest in the Render Window.
  9. A Reference window should pop-up. Set the following and click OK:
    3D Data
    Check - Persistant Reference

    Ownership tab
    NPC - MaroRufus (See vendor list below)

    Lock tab
    Locked - Check
    Level - Needs a key
    Leveled - Unchecked
    Key - NONE
  10. Save the mod and exit the Construction Set.
Step 4 - Test Your Changes
  1. Make sure the .esp file is enabled under Oblivion Launcher, Data Files.
  2. Start the game and see if the vendor has you items for sale.
List of Chests, Vendors, Locations

(this is an incomplete list)

Vendor Chest ID, Vendor Name, Vendor Type, Vendor Location
VendorAFightingChance, Rohssan, Weapons, Market District, IC
VendorTheBestDefense, MaroRufus / Varnado, Light Armor / Heavy Armor, Market District, IC
VendorDivineElegance, Palonirya, Clothes, Market District, IC
VendorEdgarsDiscountSpells, EdgarVaultrine, Spells, Market District, IC
VendorFirstEdition, Phintias, Books, Market District, IC
VendorRindirsStaffs, Rindir, Staffs, Market District, IC
VendorStonewallShields, ViatorAccius, Shields, Market District, IC
VendorThreeBrothersTradeGoods, TertullianVerus / SergiusVerus, MerchTrader, Market District, IC
VendorTheMainIngredient, OgierGeorick, Ingredients/Food, Market District, IC
VendorJensinesMerchandise, Jensine, MerchPawnBroker, Market District, IC
N/A, UrbulgroOrkulg, MerchSmith, Market District, IC
VendorLellesQualityMerchandise, NorbertLelles, MerchTrader, Anvil
VendorMorvaynsPeacemakers, VarelMorvayn, MerchTrader, Anvil
VendorAWarlocksLuck, Ungarion, Enchanter, Bravil
VendorHammerAndAxe, Fjotreid, MerchSmith, Bruma
VendorBorbasGoodsAndStores, BorbagraUzgash, MerchTrader, Cheydinhal
VendorMachNasBooks, MachNa, Books, Cheydinhal
VendorFireAndSteel, Rasheda, MerchSmith, Chorrol
VendorSouthernBooks, BugakgroBol, Books, Leyawiin
VendorBestGoodsAndGuarantees, Elsynia / Gundalas, MerchTrader, Leyawiin
VendorAllThingsAlchemical, FalanuHlaalu, Alchemy, Skingrad
VendorColovianTrader, Gunder, MerchTrader, Skingrad
VendorHammerAndTongs, AgnetethePickled, MerchSmith, Skingrad

NOTE: The above needs to be in a table format but I do not know of any BBCode that would be a sufficient substitute.

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