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Organizing Projects

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I wanted to share how I organize my projects and manage my teams in case anyone here might use something from it.

There are 5 basic "people views" I organize for:
  1. Project Leader
  2. Mod developers (plugins, models, textures, audio, etc.)
  3. Mod support staff (screenshots, movie trailers, advertising, etc.)
  4. Mod testers (alpha and beta testers)
  5. General public
With this in mind, this is how I arranged large projects:

- Project Name
--- Downloads (mod assets compiled into the beginnings of the mod and considered the "base" set of files and versioned)
------- Version 1.1 - Patch
------- Version 1.0 - Release
------- Version 0.9 - BETA
------- Version 0.1 - ALPHA
--- Documentation
------- Team Structure
------- Credit Details
------- Readme
--- Works-In-Progress (mod ideas / sketches / assets before being included into the base mod)
------- Questline
------- Architecture
------- Weapons
------- Armor
--- Media
---- ToDo Lists
---- BETA Testing Feedback
---- Public Access
------- [WIPz] Thread
------- [RELz] Thread
------- Media (Screenshots / Video)

Permissions are typically set as follows:
  1. Project Leader = Full Access and responsible for maintaining Public Access and Downloads area.
  2. Mod developers = Full Access to all but BETA Testing Feedback, Public Access
  3. Mod support = Full Access to all but WIP, ToDo Lists, BETA Testing Feedback, Public Access.
  4. Mod Testers = Read-Only Access to Downloads, Documentation, Full Access to BETA Testing Feedback.
  5. General Public = Read-only Access to Public Access area only (no login required to view)
This is the basic structure and sub-forums shrink or expand based on content of the mod and people working on the project. If it is a one-man-show, you obviously don't need all this complication but it certain helps if you have many individual projects so you can keep everything can also help if these one-man projects grow and help is offered to finish the project.

And as one final note, if you arrange and package your mods (even the small ones) in such a way (on an Internet-based forum), it adds an additional level of backup protection in case your PC gets fried and you never thought to backup your projects.

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