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Apple iPhone Must-Have Apps

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 8:50 am
by LHammonds
These are the apps I use on a regular basis:
  • Compress Photos & Pictures by New Marketing Lab, Inc. - If I have to send a screenshot/picture via text, I'd rather compress the 5 to 10 MB picture to just 0.2 MB to save time uploading for myself and bandwidth/data for the recipient...wished this was built-in to the phone...although you can specify compression options when attaching to email funny enough.
  • Timer+ by Minima Software - Allows me to have a ton of individual timers at the same time.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop by Google LLC - On-the-go connectivity to desktops/servers where I pre-configured google remote access.
  • Discord by Discord, Inc - Text, Picture, Audio, Video chat.
  • Steam Mobile by Valve - Stay connected via chat with friends, check on wishlist sales, etc.
  • Netflix by Netflix Inc. - Videos on the go (especially if you pre-download when you expect to be far from tower access...e.g. mountains)
  • TV Club - simple TV tracker by Pixel-Perfect Widgets - Keep track of the shows you watch and get notified when new episodes are released.
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