How to utilize OBMM.

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As events unfold, I will post the latest news here.

Plans (Ideas for improving this site)

  1. My Modding Project list can be found at LHammonds Oblivion Mods Forum.
  2. On Hold - (0% complete) Add a scripting page that lists every scripting function and explains it's usage in detail with mutliple examples. Basically, what I envision OBMM's help page should be. Who knows, maybe Timeslip will copy/paste items into his help file. :) - I could use some help on this so feel free to contact me.
  3. On Hold - (0% complete) Create a tutorial section specifically dealing with the installation/upgrade/configuration/uninstall of OBMM.
  4. Request - (0% complete) Add tutorial on how to use OBMM's Archive Invalidation.

Past Events