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How to install a certificate server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 5:19 pm
by LHammonds

Greetings and salutations,

I hope this thread will be helpful to those who follow in my foot steps as well as getting any advice based on what I have done / documented.

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High-level overview

This thread will cover installation of a certification server for use with Let's Encrypt. A web service will be installed with the sole purpose of interacting with Let's Encrypt and your other internal servers that need certificates. This will be the only server that directly communicates to Let's Encrypt and will handle certificates for multiple domains/subdomains. This is being done since several web servers are designed to never be accessed from outside the firewall and are local-only. Since this server needs to be setup for local-only servers, it will also handle the other servers that are visible from the Internet for the purpose of having a single procedure for acquiring and maintaining certificates. If you have any advice on doing things better, please let me know by replying on the Ubuntu forums link above.

Tools utilized in this process
Helpful links

The list below are sources of information that was helpful in the creation of this document.

This documentation will need to make use of some very-specific information that will most-likely be different for each person / location. And as such, this information will be noted in this section. They will be highlighted in red throughout the document as a reminder that you should plug-in your own value rather than actually using these "place-holder" values.

Under no circumstance should you use the actual values listed below. They are place-holders for the real thing. This is just a checklist template you need to have answered before you start the install process.

Wherever you see RED in this document, you need to substitute it for you will use in your environment.
  • Ubuntu Server name: srv-cert
  • Internet domain:
  • Ubuntu Server IP address:
  • Ubuntu Admin ID: administrator
  • Ubuntu Admin Password: myadminpass
  • Email Server (remote):
It is also assumed the reader knows how to use the VI editor. If not, you will need to beef up your skill set or use a different editor in place of it.

Install Ubuntu Server

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:39 am
by LHammonds
Install Ubuntu Server

The Ubuntu Server Long-Term Support (LTS) is free but we have the option of buy support and that is the main reason this server was selected.

The steps for setting up the base server are covered in this article: How to install and configure Ubuntu Server

It is assumed that the server was configured according to that article with the exceptions that the assumptions in red (variables above) are used instead of the assumptions in that document since we are building a database server.