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LHammonds Project Links

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To keep my sanity, I'm creating this page to keep up with all the links to everything I've done or need to "check" from time to time. Others have also requested that my list be visible, so here it is.

Interview posted on April 8, 2008 - Elder Scrolls Mod Interview: Conan_Lon

Last Projects put on indefinite hold

Vvardenfell Glass (Master WIP Thread @ LHammonds Mod Forum, @Bethesda, @Nexus, @Storm Raven Library)

Projects of Works-On-Hold

Tutorial: Collision in Blender (Tutorial)
Ghogiel's Gregole (WIPz Thread)
Lost Paladins of the Divines (Private DEV Forum, PES Comments, RELz Thread, Canadian Ice, FileFront - Do not know who uploaded it there)
Spartan 300 (Private DEV Forum, WIP Thread #3)
Shield of Akatosh (WIPz Thread)
Blender 3D Modeling Bundle (RELz Thread)
Supergirl (Photogallery)
Batman (Photogallery)
Help TESNexus by being a File Admin (TESNexus)
List of DDS Tools, (Older location and Original location)
Crown of King Elessar (WIP Screenshot 1, WIP Screenshot 2)
Glass Armory (design phase...estimating about 250MB to 500MB download size)
Apophis Armory of the Silver Dragon (RELz Thread)
Oblivion Face Totality Pack (RELz Thread, PES Comments)
Extensible Horse Armor (WIPz Thread, Private DEV Forum)

Releases (Checked more often)

Stargate SG1 Jaffa Staff (Bethsoft RELz, TESNexus RELz, PES Comments)
Oblivion Armor Resources (Bethsoft RELz, TESNexus RELz, TESEyeCandy RELz, CanadianIce RELz)
Oblivion Body Resources (Bethsoft RELz, TESNexus RELz, TESEyeCandy RELz, CanadianIce RELz)
Blender Video Tutorial - Convex Collision (RELz Thread)
Mandalorian Armor (RELz Thread)
Stargate Ori Staff (RELz Thread)
Buddah Statues (RELz Thread)
Custom Icons (RELz Thread)

Releases (Checked less often)

AMD GPU MeshMapper (RELz Thread)
Arctic Gear Improved (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Armory of Icewind Dale (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
BETA Testing Characters (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
ClickTeam Installer Template ()
Create Oblivion Mod List ()
Cyrodiil Border Remover ()
Daedric Trap Weapons (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Dark Tower Shield (PES Comments)
DDS Converter 2 ()
Dragonbone Armor Set (PES Comments, FileFront - Do not know who uploaded it there)
Excessor Sword (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Ghogiels Armor (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Ghogiels Dreugh Armor Plugin ()
GIMP (RELz Thread)
GIMPShop ()
Hellbent Sword (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Imperial Male Walko ()
Kynareth Armory (PES Comments)
Lamps of Oblivion (PES Comments, FileFront - Do not know who uploaded it there)
Medieval Shields (PES Comments)
mp3encode ()
OBMM HowTo Web Site (Main Page, OBMM Script History, OBMM Script Analyzer, Usage Reports, RELz Thread)
OBMM Script Highlighter for Notepad PlusPlus ()
Paint.NET ()
Readme Generator (RELz Thread)
Riddick Gear (Saber Claws and Goggles) (RELz Thread)
Riddick's Saber Claws (PES Comments, RELz Thread)
Sins Expanded Light Armor Kit (PES Comments)
Stick Figure Swords (RELz Thread)
TESNexus Tutorials (Tutorial List)
The Klum Women ()
Tutorial: Reflective Metal (CS Wiki, LHammonds Web Site, TESNexus)
WindowCapture ()
Zombie Massacre by PC Gamer (PES Comments)

Completed Requests for Help

Havok'd Spiked Chain Mace (REQz Thread expired, Animated Flails at TESNexus)
Star Wars Stormtrooper (REQz Thread, Stormtrooper Set by DDD)
Most Useful Armor (REQz Thread)
How To Revert ESP Requirements (Question Thread)

Miscellaneous Helpful Sites

20,000 Names for your character
UESP.net - Good for researching stats.
Oblivion Mod Wiki - Database of info about many mods.

Miscellaneous Pages

LHammonds ModDB.com Profile
LHammonds/Conan_Lon Bethsoft Profile
My Start of Oblivion Modding
List of My Favorite Mods (little out of date)
List of My Must-Have Mods
LHammonds CS Wiki Tutorials

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