[WIPz] Extensible Horse Armor

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[WIPz] Extensible Horse Armor

Post: # 92Post LHammonds
Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:37 pm

NOTE: Since I am the only active modder, this project is on hold while I work on other mods!

Statement: This mod is an alternative to Bethesda's Official DLC Horse Armor and thus does not rely on any part of it.

Overall Status: On Hold (but actively taking any contributions {concepts/ideas/models/scripting} from the community)

This mod will provide an initial set of original horse armor as well as a foundation for future mod authors to easily modify and add new meshes and/or textures.

* New horse vendors
* New horse armors
* New horse "extras" such as saddles, saddlebags, reins, rags/clothes/banner logos, etc.
* Might add an armor set with UV Maps that allow for direct import from re-textures originally made for the DLC. I would need to round up permissions from existing horse armor re-texture authors first.

* Heavy Daedric Horse Armor In-Game with Addons In-Game, Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3
* Light Daedric Horse Armor Preview
* Silver/Mithril Horse Armor Preview

Would You Like To Help?
If you'd like to be on the team or simply contribute modding resources, you can contact me on this forum, thru PM on this forum or TESNexus or by registering on the EHA forum below. Be sure to include the timeframe(s) of when you might be able to contribute.

We could use help in the following areas: Concept Artists, Models and Textures

Extensible Horse Armor (EHA) Project Forum for Team Members - If you want to join the team please let us know. If you'd like a place to share ideas/concepts/files in private, you can sign up on the EHA forum. You don't have to use this forum to contribute but it's there if you want it.

Team Members

Project Leader
- LHammonds

Research Existing Armor/Pictures
- LHammonds
- TheUltimate3

Concept Artists (Completely New)
- Langy
- Lord M
- thoerr

- LHammonds

- Langy
- LHammonds

- windsurfer (offsite and unavailable until November, 2007)
- ???? HELP NEEDED HERE ????

- LHammonds (in process of learning Blender)
- Heavy Daedric and Light Steel models contributed by jcd13

- Jerros
- LHammonds
- One DLCElven re-texture contributed by AlienSlof
- One DLCSteel re-texture contributed by Hoodzra
- One DLCSteel re-texture contributed by Augustus21

Video Trailer
- LHammonds
- TheUltimate3

BETA Testers
- None (we'll worry about this once we hit the ALPHA stage)

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