[WIPz] Spartan 300

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[WIPz] Spartan 300

Post: # 91Post LHammonds
Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:51 pm

NOTE: Since I am the only active modder, this project is on hold while I work on other mods!
The Persian army is gathering it's forces. You must attack their stronghold and end the threat before they conquer all of Tamriel.
This is a mod based on the movie called 300 that released on March 9, 2007 and then was released to DVD on July 31, 2007 (Same day this thread was created). The movie was inspired by the graphic novel called 300 by Frank Miller.

Expected Release Date: When it's done.
Expected Level of Difficulty: Hard, Level 20+
Percentage Complete: Don't know because features are not set in stone yet.

Master WIP Thread

LHammonds Mod Forum - See here for latest updates to the project...especially if this thread gets locked with the 200 limit.

Mirror Threads

Bethesda Softworks Forums
The Storm Raven Library

  • Fort External
  • Fort Internal
  • Giant Black Wolf with Glowing Red Eyes (20% complete)
  • Immortal Gear (Completed)
  • Immortal Helmet (Completed)
  • Immortal Katana (90% complete)
  • Immortal Dual Sword in shield slot
  • Spartan Gear (Completed)
  • Spartan King Helmet (Completed)
  • Spartan King Helmet with Battle Damage
  • Spartan Soldier Helmet (Completed)
  • Spartan Shield (Completed)
  • Spartan Shield with Battle Damage
  • Spartan Sword (Completed)
  • Spartan Spear (Completed)
  • Persian Archer (50% complete)
  • Persian Bow
  • Persian Arrows (Completed)
  • Uber-Immortal
  • Xerxes Chain Gear
  • Fat Persian Executioner (Scrapped)
Development Team

Project Leader, 3D Modeler, Textures, Construction Set - LHammonds
3D Modeler - jcarl904
Texture Artist - SPARTAN VI
3D Modeler - Ghogiel (moved on)
3D Modeler - DireStorms (moved on)
3D Modeler - Loth DeBonneville (left modding scene on 9/24/2007)
Building Architect - pilldom (pc crashed, lost WIP fort and dungeon)
Building Architect - Karn (gone missing)
Construction Set - Painkiller_rider (moved on)


Giant Wolf model by Bethesda, texture by LHammonds (incomplete)
Immortal gear model by jcarl904, overhauled (mesh optimizations, rigging, textures) by Ghogiel
Immortal katana by jcarl904, texture incomplete
Persian arrow/quiver model by Nicoroshi, Northern texture by SPARTAN VI and Southern texture LHammonds (incomplete)
Persian helmet model by Ayhan, texture incomplete
Persian bow model by waalx, texture by waalx
Persian outfit model by tnilc, texture incomplete
Spartan body model by ????, texture by ????
Spartan cape model by Someone1074, model modified by jcarl904, model modified by Loth DeBonneville, texture by ????
Spartan gear model by jcarl904, rigging by Loth DeBonneville, texture by SPARTAN VI
Spartan captain helmet model by jcarl904, texture by SPARTAN VI
Spartan captain helmet with battledamge
Spartan helmet model by jcarl904, texture by SPARTAN VI
Spartan shield model by jcarl904, model modified by DireStorms, texture by DireStorms
Spartan shield with broken arrows
Spartan spear model by Loth DeBonneville, Collision data by LiquidGraph, texture incomplete
Spartan sword model by jcarl904, modified by DireStorms, texture by DireStorms
Xerxes chain gear model by jcarl904/Loth DeBonneville, rigging/UVMap by Loth DeBonneville, texture by AlienSlof
Architecture by pilldom (dropped out due to hardware failures)
Architecture by Karn (gone missing)
Fat Persian Executioner model by jcarl904 (scrapped)


Please be aware that all screenshots are a WIP and subject to change before final release.

Immortal Gear
Immortal Mask
Immortal Katana (textures not complete)
Persian Archer (textures not complete)
Spartan King and Spear (spear temporary placeholder)
Spartan Soldier
Spartan Shield
Spartan Sword
Spartan Spear (textures not complete)
Xerxes Chain Gear
Bonus for AlienSlof: Xerces Wallpaper (1280 x 1024)

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